Costa Coffee Masterclass with Gennaro Pelliccia

Costa Coffee Masterclass with Gennaro Pelliccia

Costa Coffee Masterclass: The Coffee Costa Experience with Master Tastemaker Gennaro Pelliccia

Who’s upwards for some coffee chitchat? I’d like to spill a number of beans over what I recently got into.

Costa Coffee Masterclass - Costa Coffee Master Tastemaker Gennaro Pelliccia
Costa Coffee Master Tastemaker Gennaro Pelliccia

A week before, I joined a handful of bloggers and art print media representatives who had been invited to attend a Coffee Masterclass conducted by not one other than Costa Coffee’s official Tastemaker himself, Master of Caffeine Gennaro Pelliccia, who went to your Philippines just to provide one of the best coffee suffers from one will have. The wedding took place at Costa Caffeine – One World Invest Bonifacio Globaly City, Taguig.

Costa Coffee Varieties
Costa Coffee Varieties at Costa Coffee Masterclass

Upon reaching the venue, we had been requested to order the choice of coffee and also food while the occasion proper was just going to start. Since it had been my first time to indulge in Costa Coffee, My spouse and i sought the recommendation in the barista over the counter. He quickly endorsed their own form of cappuccino, the flat white coffee style that includes a little less space-age foam than that of a cappacino and has a little less volume level but still retains which milky, creamy texture than that of an espresso.

Costa Coffee BGC Pastries and Sandwiches
Costa Gourmet coffee BGC Pastries and Sandwiches

During the Costa Espresso Masterclass, each one of us has been provided a table, on top of which is an acronym a Coffee Master Package, a paper pot and three (Three or more) small bowls that contain coffee varieties named after their country of origin – Colombia, South africa and Indonesia caffeine. Each coffee range had a different acid solution. And talking about each’s one of a kind hint of flavor, Colombia coffee is fruity; Kenya coffee packages that chocolatey tinge; even though Indonesia coffee is definitely full-bodied.

Costa Coffee Merchandise
Costa Coffee Merchandise

At the Masterclass, Gennaro brought up the different beans cultivated in the world and what creates each one different from additional. He also demonstrated how you can determine good by bad coffee. Helpful in reducing, he taught you how to properly slurp in addition to sip and obtain which sophisticated coffee mouth which Gennaro possesses. Very well, to actually define the phrase “sophisticated”, allow me to describe that the Gennaro way.

Inside Costa Coffee One World Place BGC
In Costa Coffee One Planet Place BGC

The Italian Espresso Master’s tongue can be insured for approximately $22 zillion. Yep! That’s the way expensive his style is! In fact, Gennaro’s mouth was first insured by employer Costa Coffee in the past in 2009. It is said to become the most expensive tongue that is known!

Master Tastemaker Gennaro Pelliccia giving us Coffee Lecture
Master Tastemaker Gennaro Pelliccia giving you Coffee Lecture

Apart from permitting us take a use the world of coffee, Gennaro in addition shared Costa Coffee’s secrets powering its perfect-tasting coffee along with the correct way of doing java cupping (or observing the flavour and aromas of coffee). And the reasons why Costa Coffee boasts of the most effective tasting coffee on the market today is that it utilizes a special blend of espresso called Mocha Italia the industry mix of carefully decided on and perfectly cooking Robusta and Arabica beans. This specific blend only uses 1% of the finest beans from around the world.

My Cup of Costa Coffee Flat White
My own Cup of Costa Espresso Flat White

My Barista Name Tag
My Barista Label Tag

How did Master Gennaro do this title of being an authority Taster? Actually, he would have been a former barista who and then became a coffee preference veteran throughout the 23 years (as well as counting) of Costa Coffee experience.

Flat White or Cappucccino?
Flat Bright or Cappucccino?

If you would like to find out more how to taste along with distinguish high quality java, what constitutes the perfect cup, and how Costa’s Mocha Croatia blend finds its way from plantations in South America in addition to Africa to abundant coffee shops in the Belgium, visit

Try a cup of Costa Coffee today!

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