Italian – Pinoy Fusion: Preparing Italian Dishes with a Filipino Twist

Italian – Pinoy Fusion: Preparing Italian Dishes with a Filipino Twist

Last week, I registered fellow foodies in a fun-filled preparing food demo held in GalaStars Culinary School. As well as Samsung Digital Devices Ambassador Chef Ernest Event, our Samsung Food preparation Workshop started with this short introduction about their New samsung Smart Oven.

Introduction to Samsung Smart Oven
How to be able to use Samsung Smart Oven

For those people who are always on the go, young people need a faster way to cook restaurant quality form of food and not just common fried chicken along with instant noodles that individuals always eat when we are in a hurry.

Chef Ernest Gala Cooking Demo
Chef Ernest Event Cooking Demo

The good thing with this particular Samsung Smart Range is its many function. It can be used seeing that Microwave, an Oven, a Grill, a Convection Oven and it can also be used in fermenting dough as well as yogurt. During your mini cooking treatment, we were able to knowledge using the Smart Oven’ohydrates Microwave, Convection and Barbeque grill functions.

Getting ready for the samsung cooking workshop
Getting ready to the samsung cooking workshop

I am sharing the recipe here just in case you already have a Samsung Smart Oven and you would like to cook Italian – Pinoy Union food that is quite simple to prepare.

Linguine with Crab Weight (Taba ng Talangka)

250 Grams Linguine or even any pasta that you pick. Cook according to deal directions. Place on helping platter and add in 1/4 cup of extra virgin mobile olive oil.

Mixing the Ingredients
Mixing the Ingredients


2 bit red and green bell peppers or even used bottled pemiento, 1/4 pot star garlic margarine, 1 cup bottled crab fat (taba ng talangka just about any brand), 1 tsp. Spice up.


Put bell peppers in New samsung Smart Oven. Fixed to Microwave along with Convection mode and occasion 3 minutes. Change bell peppers. Set in order to Microwave and convection way of another 3 min’s. Remove and cool. Wear kitchen towel in addition to run off roasted skin color. Remove stem, reduce and remove seeds. Dice into 1/4 inch thick pieces.

Just concluded plating my very own Linguine Pasta together with Crab Fat ?? #SamsungCookingWorkshop #cooking #pasta #foodtrip #food

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Mix in microwavable bowl : Margarine, spice up, crab fat and cover together with cling. Set Samsung Smart Oven to microwave mode from 600W and time A few minutes.

If you are not a tremendous fan of crab excess fat, this recipe can convert you ?? #SamsungCookingWorkshop #cooking #food #foodie

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Mix with Pasta. Prime with roasted sweet peppers and parmesan cheese. Optional topping: 1/4 cup flaked tinapa as well as any seafood.

Chicken Longganisa Mozzarella


500 gr Chicken breast fillet, 1/4 cup cut fine longganisa, 1/2 can tomato stick, 250 grams hunts tomato sauce, 2 tsp . Italian seasoning, Only two tsp white glucose.

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Pound the chicken breast applying meat mallet. In order to cook the chicken placed 500 grams hammered chicken breast in your oven proof dish. Fixed Samsung Smart Cooker on Microwave and Grill function and time 4 moments. Invert chicken as well as cook other half employing Microwave and Bbq grill function for another A few minutes. Set Aside.

Offering my Chicken in addition to Lonnganisa twice baked having Mozzarella ?? #Lunch #SamsungCookingWorkshop #cooking #Food #Foodie

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Mix in a microwavable pan: 1/4 cup chopped very good longganisa (any kind), 1/2 can tomato substance, 250 grams tracks tomato sauce, 2 teaspoon italian seasoning, Two tsp white sugar. Cover with cling. Set Samsung Clever Oven to Micro wave mode at 450W in addition to time 3 units.

Serious Cooking Program here at #galastarsculinary for #SamsungCookingWorkshop #cooking #foodtrip #food

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Place chicken breast in your oven proof dish. Top rated with tomato-longganisa mixture. Create 1/2 thick slice mozzarella mozerella. Set Samsung Clever Oven Grill purpose and time Only two minutes. Top together with chopped parsley. Serve having Crab Fat Linguine and menu it with your range of bread ??

Todays Meal ?? Microwave Grilled Hen with Lonnganisa Tomato Sauce along with Mozzarella Topings #SamsungCookingWorkshop #cooking #food #Foodie #foodtrip #galastars #galastarsculinary

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Samsung Smart Oven
Samsung Smart Oven

I’meters planning to buy a Straight talk samsung Smart Oven shortly, watch out for more easy to prepare recipes:)

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