Calabarzon Food Trip: A Gastronomic Journey of Southern Tagalog (Day 2)

Calabarzon Food Trip: A Gastronomic Journey of Southern Tagalog (Day 2)

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There is no rest for the great, as they say. And for the team I’m traveling with, there isn’t any rest in exploring the nooks and crannies of Calabarzon to look for more gastronomic finds.

Graceland Homes and Country Club –?Tayabas, Quezon

Graceland Estate Tayabas
Our scenery while experiencing breakfast, the man-made body of water across the restaurant in Graceland

Burping the last remnants regarding my several food from the day before, My partner and i woke up to the flawless grounds of Graceland Properties and Country Golf club. Located at the eco-tourism center of Tayabas, the 22-hectare home spreads out to provide a 2.2 hectare man-made lagoon, playing golf grounds, two costly that I, unfortunately, has not been able to swim with, and several areas regarding recreation such as running, biking, and even horse-back riding.

Lucban Longganisa
Lucban Longganisa

To kick off our day of food sampling, the in-house restaurant – Memphis Yard Cafe and Grill – served us with a breakfast designed for champions. Finally, I got to taste this famous Lucban Longganisa. I were raised devouring a lot of Vigan Longganisa since my mother comes from Ilocos, and so I am attracted to the garlic-y taste. Your sweet ones from other provinces come off, for me personally, as sausaged tocinos; and so, sampling Lucban Longganisa was such a address. Tomatoes with sea food sauce would be a great pair, but i was served with coconut vinegar and that became a match. My no-rice weight loss program is still suspended. Even though there were bacon along with pancakes served, I had to limit my intake of food to a minimum. I know, nobody says no to sausage. But when you are in Quezon, you have to eat like a Quezonian.

Pan delaware Bonete with Santan

To end our breakfast meal, I did a taste of Bonete. Apparently, Pan de Bonete, or just Bonete, is the Filipino version of dinner rolls. This easy recipe requiring flour, thrush, sugar, salt, butter, along with water is well-liked in the area, matching your classic Pan delaware Sal. A fellow blogger perhaps mentioned that it is distributed by students to possess extra cash. As I did further reading, I came across another food writer who used to make a few bucks from all of these, as well. The Bonete practical experience was completed with Santan. Initially, I thought the cooking had to comb all the nectar from santan flowers to create a cup-full of syrup. It turns out that in this field, coconut syrup is called Santan. Definitely, we learn interesting things every day.

Rodilla’s Yema Cake –?Tayabas Quezon

Rodillas Yema Cake Factory
In entrance of Rodilla’s Yema Cake Bakery

Another motivating story comes from your next destination, Rodilla’s Yema Pastry. Juliet and Vincent Rodilla were after Overseas Filipino Individuals like the de los Santoses of Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. They started out selling brownies in addition to cheesecakes in 2000, however business did not lift off until 2010 when they finally introduced what they’re so known for now -the original Yema Cake. Many have tried to copy their success; nonetheless, the special yema recipke that is well-guarded and only cooked by the husband and wife conjunction, is what sets these people apart.

Original Yema Cake
Sponge cakes preparing in the oven

how to make yema cake
The smothering connected with yema syrup all over the double level of sponge cake

tayabas yema cake factory
The Pi

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