Siquijor : The Mystical Island

Siquijor : The Mystical Island

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Have you ever been to hawaiian isle that has so much elegance in it but because mystical identity, it truly is rarely visited through people who thinks which the place is all about secret potions, shamans, sorcerers and witches?

Lola Conching - Bolo Bolo Healer
Lola Conching – Bolo Bolo Healer

The absence of tourists might be a blessing with disguise, at least the city is still preserved and thus much away from pollution, abuse and freewheeling tourists and institutions.

About the Island of Siquijor

Siquijor, the Mystical Island, will be as intriguing as it is lovely. The island was discovered with the Spaniards hundreds of years ago, however nowadays it is re-discovered by excited tourists.

Bolo Bolo Healer in Siquijor
Bolo Bolo Healer throughout Siquijor

These pioneers named it “Island involving Fire” and since then the unknown of Siquijor has deepened, to entice the attention of many international site visitors just like the Spaniards.

The island can be found a few kilometers away Negros Oriental, Siquijor boasts a few 72 kilometers of the most extremely beautiful beaches on earth. Clear, blue normal water ebbs and flows with white sand to the satisfaction of tourists. And everyone turns into captivated by the island’s wonderful panoramic views.

Huge Balete Tree
Huge Balete Tree

Spanish affect can be seen in the Church connected with St. Francis de Assisi, that is one of the island’s intriguing components for being so exclusive; it was built entirely out of coral going back to the 1800’s.

lazi church siquijor
Church connected with San Isidro Labrador

Siquijor is The Mystical Area because of the eerie tales of sorcerers and shamans that live deep within the jungle. They can ” cure ” you by placing a curse upon your face, or they can be right for you by creating a talisman (amulet regarding protection) against nasty.

Baphtismal Area
Baptismal Area

It is widely believed by the natives why these men of magic can conjure along with control spirits. Equally mysterious is the beginning of Siquijor; the island is said to have surfaced through the depths of the ocean, after a frightful display of lightning and thunder.

lazi catholic church
Last few Churches from the Philippines with Wood Tiles

This story is seen as folklore the same as the Spaniards thought the island seemed to be ablaze from their boats only to discover that many countless fireflies combined to give produce an optical false impression of fire.?Siquijor is genuine and is an island you ought to want to discover. Trust me, this is the beautiful area that you are always dreaming about.

Lazi Convent
Lazi Convent

I only had four hours of sleep but I was able to wake up early on to prepare for our future activity… the Siquijor Island Tour. I really cant make clear where my strength is coming from but I realized that it could be because of too much excitement. I have forever been wanting to visit Siquijor again and that was a wish come true for me.

Inside Lazi Convent
Inside Lazi Convent

After getting an ala carte breakfast at a al fresco restaurants involving Coco Grove Beach Resort, many of us left the resort for our Siquijor tour. For our very first stop, we frequented Lola Conching – a famous Bolo-Bolo healbot in Siquior. The process of restorative healing involves a glass of water, the magic natural stone and a bamboo hay. During the process, Lola Conching continuously produces the water using the bamboo bedding and sheets straw until the drinking water inside the glass exhibits some sediments.?The ambiguous water gets changed and the process will probably be repeated until the drinking water gets clearer, the actual healer will then inform the patient what needs to be avoided for ongoing healing.

Cambugahay Falls
Cambugahay Falls

After visiting Lola Conching, we all headed to the 300 year old Balete tree throughout Lazi. The huge Balete Tree features a flowing spring underneath it and the local people believes that elements are residing from the balete tree.?From the Balete woods our friendly bus driver drove for the Church of San Isidro Labrador in the town of Lazi. A new convent can also be found in front of the religious organization. According to historians, the actual Lazi Convent is the largest within Asia.

Melo in Cambugahay Falls
Melo in Cambugahay Falls

The convent has Bahay na Bato design and the foundation of the building is made of coral formations stone while the second floor was created using hard wood.?Immediately after visiting some of Siquijors traditions sites, we had an adventure trek to Cambugahay Waterfalls. This particular famous tourist location is made up of different amounts that all flow serenely to a lake that is respected to have healing power.

Salagdoong Beach
Salagdoong Beach

We proceeded to Salagdoong beach front for our lunch following visiting Cambugahay Falls. Salagdoong Beach is certainly one the best beaches in Central Visayas that you can find in the eastern?a part of Siquijor. The beach features crystal clear waters plus the shore is covered along with white sand. Salagdoong Beach is another popular place for parasailing and just near the shore, a nirvana for scuba divers are offered also.

Port of Siquijor
This is not a resort… this is the Slot of Siquijor

I was really amazed from what I observed and experience in Siquijor but as much as I would like to be, we need to leave the area for our trip to Dumaguete.?The cleanliness of the water’s in the dock of Siquijor is unimaginable, that’s probably the cleanest port I’ve witnessed so far. We remaining the island at around 3pm after almost an hour, we were back in Dumaguete City.

We on course to Sibulan in Negros Asian to catch another ferry going to Santander in Cebu – Our own jump off denote Oslob where we will be remaining overnight at the Sumilon Bluewater Region Resort.

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