Whitewater Rafting Adventure at Kiulu River in Sabah, Malaysia

Whitewater Rafting Adventure at Kiulu River in Sabah, Malaysia

Its been almost weekly since I came back from Kota Kinabalu with fellow journey bloggers, Cebu Media and also AirAsia officers for the first flight of Cebu – Kota Kinabalu option.

Whitewater rafting in Kiulu River
Whitewater rafting in Kiulu River

When I first got the trip itinerary, I instantly get excited having looked at Whitewater rafting as part of our itinerary with Kota Kinabalu. Although I do not know how to swim, I will be a huge fan of this water based adventure right after experiencing it within Chico River in Kalinga plus Cagayan de Oro City. River rafting is all about conquering your fear and having a river player!

Ayn Latonio
Ayn Latonio‘s “Me Time”

So you believe theres nothing a lot to do in Kota Kinabalu? I seriously don’t think therefore! When the weather is comfortable and you’ve got a day to behave special in Sabah, Malaysia, there is nothing better than getting out about the water. The Kiulu River is a beautiful, whole river that flows through natural panoramas of the Sabah countryside.

Braving the rapids at the Kiulu River
Braving the actual rapids at the Kiulu River

On it’s financial institutions you’ll see bamboo woodlands and a few small gardening villages. And you can go through the river adventure in Kiulu with an experienced river rafting guide that’s used to novices (much like me). You don’t have to have any prior whitewater rafting encounter to enjoy the White water Rafting Adventure with Kiulu River, Sabah, Malaysia. The water levels is just class 2-3, and its really not that challenging for beginners.

Getting ready to conquer the mighty Kiulu River
Getting ready to defeat the mighty Kiulu River

The Trip

Our getaway started at your Horizon Hotel throughout Kota Kinabalu. The van picked us up from your hotel and produced us upstream to the feeder point. After waiting for sixty minutes, the instructors gave a little bit of information about rafting securely and gave people life vests, paddle together with helmets. They also performed a perfect job involving explaining just what to do with our paddle.

Fish Feeding at the riverbanks
Fish Eating at the riverbanks

To me, it seems like whitewater rafting is a thing you should learn prior to on a river like the Kiulu, but now I know diversely. The secret is all within the guide. You’ll discover ways to follow a few simple instructions. Your job for the river is to both paddle or halt paddling, or perhaps place your paddle in the water without moving it. Plus the guide tells you precisely when to do just what. It’s kind of wonderful to be paddling down the rapids, hearing what the manual says, and when you respond, the vessel also responds exactly the way you want the idea to.

Tabing Ilog Cast
Tabing Ilog Cast (Level, Cille, Melo and Mitch)

In the middle of the rafting trip, we all passed by a stream bank to do sea food feeding. The plantation caretaker sells species of fish pellets while the tour guides bring us to the area wherever we can throw the fish pellets and let it perform wonders. Minutes right after finding our comfy seat at the rugged river banks, we all started throwing the particular pellets and we didn’t anticipate seeing that huge number of fish jumping all over in order to get a share of the items we’ve been organizing left and right. They are too quite a few to count and many of them are really big. We really enjoyed that so much until we found ourselves back again on the water for a bit more floating along with paddling.

Most tours about the Kiulu also include lunch, on the banks of the water. In our case, there were our lunch as soon as the entire rafting pastime. We all enjoyed the meal specially the grilled poultry and lamb chops:)

You can easily book your whitewater rafting adventure on the net or in any # travel agency # located near the Suria Sabah Retail complex in Kota Kinabalu.

Things to Know

Seriously, you can now do this! If you want to get whitewater rafting, you should attempt this trip. It isn’t dangerous and the rapids are exhilarating but not terrifying. Definitely listen closely to instructions and also wear clothing in addition to shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. After all, it is just a warm, sunny day time in Sabah and you’ll be from the water. Splashing just may happen!

This trip is made possible by AirAsia Liveliness – The Right Way to travel and Sabah Tourism Aboard – Visit Malaysia 2014. AirAsia Zest now flies for you to?Kota Kinabalu?from NAIA Terminal 5 in Manila and Cebu Mactan Airport terminal. Visit?www.airasia.com?for flight daily activities, promos and online journey reservation. Follow these on?Facebook?and also?Twitter.

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