Whether your interests are generally architecture, religion, fine art, history, music, training, food or game Salamanca has something for you. I went just as one independent visitor exploring from Segovia by bus having already stopped at Irun, Hondarribia and Toledo, all with ease and comfort either by educate or bus. The many towns had some interest for me in some manner but Salamanca had every thing.


The two co-joined cathedrals – the old circa 12th century and the “new” circa 16th century are simply spectacular in their own different ways – through the still preserved vibrant murals produced throughout the late 1100′s towards the stunning, breathtaking sheer size of the new. Go around both eating their beauty and also history with the interesting audio guide is likely to language.

Salamanca cathedral

The highlight with the visit to the two cathedrals should be to climb up this medieval Cathedral Ieronimus towers. The various rooms today open to the public – your dungeon, Jailor’s and Governor’s rooms, the watchtower, the particular outdoor viewing platforms, clock tower and also magnificent bell tower were all in ruins consequently initially of the Lisbon quake. They have now been carefully preserved and gives a fascinating insight into equally churches as well as the encircling town and outlying.

Restoration of the cathedrals has given the ability for modern day worksmen to add their own represents and sense of comedy on to the facade which can create questions from the centuries to come – a good astronaut and a dragon consuming an ice cream cornet!

Salamanca astronaut

The Roman connection over the river Tormes supplies a pleasant stroll to some great activity as well as sports area for young and old alike.

Salamanca is home to one of several oldest universities throughout Europe and is high on the list of students needing to study abroad. Which means that the town has a lively youthful feel and it is host to many civilizations and styles.

Salamanca university

The undergraduates school has free admittance and you can stroll about the colleges like with Oxford and Cambridge and get a sense of student daily life but you can also key in any exhibition. My spouse and i managed to admire the gorgeous pale blue fresco with the universe as it ended up being known at that time 1480 coloured on the ceiling – El Cielo de Salamanca.

Food is well using numerous bars serving providing complimentary tapas with every drink, tapas bars with a lot more adventurous tapas and raciones as well as restaurants producing serious roast dishes in addition to stews as well as veggie and a Michelin starred venue. Beware though meals are large. We found that Restaurante el Mes

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