Interview with Lucy Fox, PR leader at RMG PR & Events

Interview with Lucy Fox, PR leader at RMG PR & Events

Lucy Fox is a vacation and lifestyle PR working for luxury bureau RMG PR & Events. Your woman started her profession running a first class take a trip business and has proved helpful alongside many marketplace figureheads. As joint founder of Fox Rendall International, the girl was awarded the international Hyatt Hotels account responsible for managing the UK media function. Under your ex tenure Lucy handled the launch promotion intended for Park Hyatt Paris, Recreation area Hyatt Milan, Park Hyatt Washington, Playground Hyatt Goa, Park Hyatt Moscow and Great Hyatt Tokyo.

Lucy Fox

Lucy is extremely properly connected in London society with a working understanding of the media, way of life, film, theatre and tv industries. Lucy is from the Fox acting empire, father is E Fox and the girl sister is Emilia. She’s the wife with the Viscount Gormanston.

What is it that you do exactly?

The world of PR will be diverse so my day could include making calls to be able to press to tell these individuals about our consumers, organising press excursions to our various inn clients and then out of the blue you have to change into anything smart and sponsor a product launch in order that it?s far from uninteresting.

What do you enjoy most in what you do?

I think that has to be the people you match along the way, I find folks fascinating and am genuinely interested by what’s important to them.? The travel factor brings huge fun, new places as well as cultures and of course brand-new people.

What would you point out are the 3 best places you’ve ever before stayed?

Villa Gella

Recently I have been towards the beautiful Villa Gella inside the Rhodope Mountains in Getaway which was a revelation.? Location is a fascinating country with a history going back 40th century Before christ.? Villa Gella is the most best place to unwind along with very comfortable rooms, delicious food and also the local wine is fantastic.? The villa is actually family owned so that you get a lovely a sense belonging.

The Es Saadi

Another household owned property I enjoy is The Es Saadi throughout Marrakech, this is a stunning residence in the heart of the city nevertheless surrounded by 22 massive areas of garden, it is really an oasis.? It truly is home to the oldest casino in N . Africa and has an excellent spa with a classic Hammam and the largest share in the city so a great way to have the best of all worlds in this interesting destination.?The hotel established for us to have a hot air balloon ride within the mountains which is an experience not to be skipped.

Villa Machiavelli

One of our clients will be My Private Villas and I was sufficiently lucky to get be invited to be at Villa Machiavelli with Tuscany, which was home to the great man themself.? The villa is stunning and they also very own Mangiacane Wines whose vineyards surround the property.

What’ohydrates been your most memorable dining experience to date?

London is now the place to find such an amazing various food which does indeed make one satisfied with what we have attained, considering that it wasn’t that long ago in which British food has been thought to be right up right now there with the most revolting!? I had been asked to lunch with Munch Food Company, a new catering company based in Battersea started by Keith Goddard next year, who has worked in Michelin-starred kitchens.? Their fresh dining room opens on the kitchen and is an incredibly lovely way to entertain in a sophisticated however relaxed way.? My personal young cousin, Cristobel Reed, has just finished training being a yoga teacher and then she hosted a yoga evening at KPH with Ladbroke Grove with the executive cocinero, Matthew Horton.? The yoga ended up being perfect and Matthew?ersus vegan food a revelation, I freaked away for his Freekeh! I need him to write a novel and for them both to perform more evenings prefer that.

Have you rubbed shoulder blades with the rich and famous, most likely through your work or your vacations?

A few years ago I’d been working on the Hyatt account and we were residing at the Park Hyatt with Tokyo.? Company insurance policy is never to reveal exactly who may be staying at the hotels so I was fairly amused when getting larger in the lift our journalists asked the in-house PR whether Steven Spielberg has been staying at the hotel.? The woman said ‘I actually don’t know, I actually don’t think so’ every time a voice from the returning of the lift piped up ‘Yes, I am remaining here’ – it was indeed the great director.

What currently rates high highest on your take a trip wish list?

I genuinely wish to revisit Istanbul which is a location I adore.?Argentina is for the of my number, a great girlfriend connected with mine went off intended for months to learn your tango, she returned with amazing reports and an even more wonderful body!? I would love to have a GoPro camera much like me the world’s toughest photographer this, My business is assured, would make perhaps me into Mario Testino.

Thank an individual for taking part in our interview, Lucy.

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