Scandimania: the best of Scandinavia

Scandimania: the best of Scandinavia

After years spent venturing around Scandinavia (apologies to pedants ? I?m like Iceland in here along with Denmark, Norway, Sweden as well as Finland) I have developed a balanced case of what is only able to be described as Scandimania ? a love of all things Nordic.? While we Britons seem to be succumbing to specific elements of the self-same sensation ? the wooly jumpers, the design and style, the Nordic Noir telly, the food ? there?ersus much more that can?to simply be imported, bought from Houzz, streamed or made in the kitchen. We?regarding talking the landscapes, the lifestyle, the people and far, much more that can only be appreciated in situ. And so, join me in a very whistlestop tour of the best items of Scandinavia.


The craze for Scandinavian dishes can be traced back in one restaurant, a single city, in one nation and that was Noma inside Copenhagen, the brainchild connected with genius chef Ren

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