A visit to Frankfurt's best new restaurant

A visit to Frankfurt's best new restaurant

The highlight of our new stay in Frankfurt – other than the individual flight with Jetfly to obtain there – was dinner at the newly-opened, pan-Asian restaurant, Piece of cake by lebua at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof resort – already an esteemed culinary destination and residential to?the Michelin-starred restaurant Francais. But, before all of which, we called for a vineyard on the borders of the city run by Eva Vollmer – one among a number of local vineyards that the restaurant meticulously sources its bottles of wine from.


Having been welcomed with a wonderfully rich and creamy and fruity The year 2013 Pinot Blanc, we made your way to the vineyard where Eva talked to us about how we were holding just coming to the end of the harvest. Avoi runs a mixed farm, using the fields connected with flat land intended for wheat and the south-facing ski slopes for the grapes. When you are this far upper, you need all the sun you can get!

Eva Vollmer at her vineyard

The winery was founded in 2007 even so the oldest vines on the spot are 33 yrs old now. They began with 8 hectares but now possess 11 and even provide?tractor tours of the wine makers. A tasting room opened just weeks ago.


We?sampled some sort of 2012 Pettenthal Riesling which offers at 25 pounds a bottle (that’s expensive to Germany where you can still pick up a great Riesling for more like Seven euros) – full of personality, floral and with an indication of ginger within the – before sitting down into a feast of community delicacies and a amazing view of the surrounding landscape.

Table set for vineyard lunch

Vineyard lunch

After our visit, we all headed for the Steigenburger Frankfurt Hof hotel where we were to waste the night. We were there for for the hotel’s new restaurant generally, but my?place is worthy of mention likewise – very comfortable, along with modern d

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