3 amazing ways to experience Croatia from the air

3 amazing ways to experience Croatia from the air

If you think Croatia is gorgeous from the ground, delay until you experience it in the air – it’s breathtakingly gorgeous! By now you’ng probably (or most likely) heard of Croatia. A single coupon where it is exactly, but you?ve noticed or read about the beauty. An amazing nation definitely worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

You?ll notice a beautiful part of earth known for its natural richness, cultural heritage and well-known Croatian hospitality. Relax in all the sights, cool off on the beach, invigorate yourself in thoroughly clean blue sea, delight in quality food and wine, make fresh friends, embrace community way of life…

But while experiencing Croatia from the terrain is memorable, understandably, seeing it in the air is, definitely, truly unforgettable. In case you?re looking for nearly anything than sunbathing and also swimming, and want to carry yourself and your visit to Croatia to higher degree, we recommend an adrenaline experience from the fresh air – trust us, you’lmost all never, ever overlook seeing Zadar, the surrounding hawaiian islands, mountains and the seashore from high higher than the ground, not to mention scratching some activities from a bucket list.

Here are usually 3 amazing strategies to experience Croatia with the air?

Tandem skydiving

If you’ve never ever jumped out of a perfectly good airplane – take action! It’s the one encounter you’ll remember through out your life. Especially if you practice it in Zadar above National parks Kornati and Paklenica. All it takes is 20 mins of preparation, as well as a 15 small flight above the seacoast, climaxing with free-falling across the sea for up to 50 seconds. After the parachute deploys, you’ll enjoy a 6-7 minute airline flight down to the beach. Sensory overload will be inevitable.


Panoramic flight

Adrenaline thrills most likely are not your thing, but you can begin to play a relaxing 45-60 minute breathtaking flight above the Zadar coastline, town of Zadar itself effortlessly his landmarks for instance Greetings to the Sunlight and the jaw-dropping Kornati National park, famous for it’s countless islands and islets paid out among blue marine. Once you experience Croatia from this birds-eye perspective, you’lmost all leave with remembrances you’ll always remember with a huge smile.

Panoramic flights

Aerobatic flight

The blend of Top Gun preliminary and his Extra More than two hundred will have you yelling with joy for 20 full minutes. You’lmost all fly with accelerates to 410 km/h, experience great deal of aerobatic manoeuvres and have your inside rearranged by millions of G force. Pasta legs sensation following your experience is also incorporated.

Aerobatic flights

So, when visiting Croatia, take full advantage of all the wonderful things this country offers, acquire yourself on (literally) a 360-degrees Zadar experience, from top to bottom. Once you discover it, you?ll be coming back for more. Don?t acquire our word correctly, see and think it for yourself and thank us later.

Grgo Miocic is Director from Adventure Driven Holidays.

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